After graduating with a degree in Philosophy and Chinese, I decided to fulfill my dream of becoming a garden designer and for this I completed the Master of Landscaping from the European Institute of Design (IED). For a few years I combine my work in cultural and academic media with garden design. Using the experience that I have gained during this time in management and communication, I launch my own Landscaping Study. I realize that both my philosophy studies, as well as my approach to Chinese culture and Feng Shui, converge in the desire to create harmonious and beautiful spaces in the natural environment and in my need to recover degraded places to return them to the nature.

Studio, philosophy, method

In the Studio we carry out with the greatest care landscaping projects that take into account the characteristics that the space presents in order to maximize its qualities and be faithful to its surroundings. Our fields of action are single-family homes, farms, terraces, attics, green spaces in hotels, offices and restaurants, common courtyards and neighboring communities, orchards and maintenance. We work both on reforms and new construction. We carry out the design and production of each project in each of its phases down to the last detail.

We believe in a transformative experience of any contact with nature through gardens as they have the power to educate our gaze towards nature. A garden must be a small universe, in which they are represented all the elements that play a joyful roll in a natural environment. The way plants interact with each other has proven to be beneficial for them, for us, and for biodiversity, and bring the fertile atmosphere that gives a sense of magical ways to it. 

A first view of the place in person is essential to feel the needs of performance in the actual environment of the place. This is followed by an interview with the property to know at first hand their preferences in terms of trees, flowers, structures, forms, and styles. A design is made according to our research of the weather, orientation of the garden, shadows and sunny spots, and other technical variables which would determine the final one. A selection of plants is made according to the location and preferences of the property, being set for their approval before continuing.  We also supervise the execution of the project, where there is always outcoming circumstances which need quick decisions. We follow all the way until the last details.